2017 season is here… who’ll end up with the silverware?


So the fixtures are out and the new season kicks off in less than a week… here’s the lowdown on what’s coming up:

Division 3 has seen major changes in teams over the winter, with Breaking Bat and Chipmonks folding, merging with Flycatchers and GBD respectively, and Ice Cold Pitchers moving across the bridge to CSL – we wish them the best of luck over there, and hope to still see them enjoying the Wreck tournament in August.

We welcome in their place, Archway School, the new project of coach Mark Saunders; and the Underarm Tossers, the latest new team to be formed out of the winter beginner training sessions – best of luck to both in the hunt for your first victories in the league!

Will Base Invaders bounce straight back up again? Or will Run n Base take promotion once again to reverse the cruel luck that saw them unable to take their Div2 spot this season?

Division 2  stays largely the same, although reducing to 8 teams to re-balance the numbers with Div3, and Monmouth Rockets deciding to take a year off to give ‘Sir’ a break from all that driving and pitching! With no team dropping down from Div1 this year, it looks to be as close a season as ever on Thursday nights – I wouldn’t like to bet on who will be in either the top or bottom 2 spots by the end of August…

Division 1 sees Creamers rejoin from Div2, and I’m sure they’ll be quick to re-take their favourite seats at the bar every Wednesday evening! All was very close in the mid-table last year, and with Jets having a couple of girls MIA, can anyone catch those pesky Sliders and stop them from taking back-to-back titles?

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