Bristol participation in the Euro super cup

This years Euro super Cup in which The national champion winning clubs across Europe are selected to play off for the European championship, was in Wiener Neustadt, Austria ..

All the folk from bristol

All the folk from Bristol

Beautiful scenery, great facilities, cheap beer and Wiener Schniztel were just some of the reason there was a bigger than usual Bristol based contingent there this time around.. Pete Saunders and Chris Moon – our ex BSA chairman were officiating and Chris was honored by a softball bat honour guard after his last match as he was retiring from international duties .

The two dominant team of the event were the H20 and Chromies , closely pursued by the UCE travelers from Germany – all of these teams featured Bristol based players and it was H20 featuring Kirstie leach, mike Macdowell and Kat Golik from Bristol who came out top of the pile.

After fending off an 11 run come back by Chromies in the bottom of the 7th of the final the H20 won Gold with a 19-18 win and so ended an amazing week of top class softball  – Silver medals to the Chromies featuring Bristol players David Lee, Jake Palmer and George Bartlett and the Bronze went to The Travelers with Kim Hendry from Swindon and Bristol league.

Other Bristol players were Yuki Ono from the Sliders playing for the Irish team, Oddsox .. and Netty Covey from Swindon and Bristol who played for  the other German team, Manhiem


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