Hall of Fame

This page is a dedication to the unsung heroes of the BSA, those individuals who over the years have given much more than they gained ….and because they contributed so much it made the experience of playing in one of the most successful and progressive Softball leagues in Europe so much better for everyone else.
Gareth Preece:
Retired from Softball in 2010 due to Injury
Gareth was probably known by most as the very successful pitcher for the all conquering Guppy spotters, it was no coincidence that during his time the team were virtually unbeaten in The Bristol 1st division and after he left they only just managed to hold onto the title in 2011.
Gareth was however, a force in softball long before his GP’s involvement, he was present in the Ge-Wizz team that won the league in 2001 and that team also won the B nationals the following year.
Probably his proudest achievement was creating (along with Lilian Tanner) and captaining the only Bristol team to make it to the A National Final (Pre NSL).
In 2005 & 2006 the Bristol Blue Sox were a regular at ‘A’ Ball tournaments. It’s always been virtually impossible to put an ‘A’ grade competitive Bristol representative team together but Gareth and Lil managed it and it worked! … The team swallowed their egos, rejected the offers from the independent teams and played for each other for 2 glorious seasons .. this culminated in battling through to get to the 2006 National Championship final. The team were by then quite spent but gave a creditable performance in losing to the current European champions, the Chromies.
Gareth’s calm demeanor and quiet determination typified his sportsmanship and inspired others to discover what could be achieved in Softball.
Gareth still comes to the club house occasionally so next time you see him, pat him on the back and tell him …
The sport will miss you Gareth
More Hall of Famers to follow !
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