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Home Runs

RankPlayerHome Runs
1Dean Panthers9
2Alan Creamers6
3Jon Scorgs6
4Tony Splitters6
5Paul Panthers5
6Luke Splitters5
7Fliss Minions4
8Steve GBD4
9Aiden Scorgs4
10Dave Panthers4
11George GBD4
12Darren Panthers4
13David Splitters3
14Chris Sliders3
15Kimbo Splitters3
16Jesse Minions3
17JoeGo Minions3
18Coral GBD3
19Aaron Splitters3
20Id Splitters3
21Tom GBD3
22Rachel Splitters2
23Kyle Creamers2
24Lizzie Panthers2
25Adam Snowballers2
26Matt Scorgs2
27Lisa Panthers2
28Kev Sliders2
29Lil Creamers1
30Luc Sliders1
31Laura Panthers1
32Aileen Panthers1
33Nik Scorgs1
34Herling Minions1
35Morgan Minions1
36Jess Splitters1
37Maddie Minions1
38Josh Sliders1
39Yuki Splitters1
40Brett Creamers1
41Helen Snowballers1
42Anouk Sliders1
43Callum Snowballers1
44Charlotte Scorgs1
45Barney GBD1
46Becky Scorgs1
47Georgie Creamers1
48Julie Scorgs1
49Grant GBD1