Umpire Training

2021 Training Course Dates

Online training sessions to be confirmed

Bristol League Umpire

1 Day training course

BASU Umpire

2 Day training course

About umpire training with bsa

What do we offer at BSA?

We offer local training courses each year and a mentoring system to build confidence for newbies or anyone who wants to improve/progress with their umpiring. Don’t worry, when you first start umpiring, you won’t be left on your own, we’ll assign you a mentor to help you through your first games.

There are 2 levels of qualification available, BLU (Bristol League Umpire) and BASU (British Association of Softball Umpires). BLUs can umpire BSA league games only, BASUs are able to umpire across the UK.


Each year in Bristol we run a 2-day umpiring course (BASU) and a 1-day course (BLU).

The 1-day course covers the basics, the 2-day course has the same content plus we cover some of the trickier rules. Benefits of qualifying as a BASU umpire is that you’ll be a better umpire plus you get paid more, currently £16 per game, BLU’s get £10 per game.

Next Courses

BASU 2-day course: Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th April 2021

BLU 1-day course: Sunday 18th April 2021

All teams must have a qualified umpire on their roster but learning the rules isn’t just for Umpires, it can help you win games. There are more ways of getting an out than you might think.

Bristol is known for having the best mpiring in the Country, this is something to be proud of and something we want to continue. In recent years Bristol has produced several umpires who have qualified at European level and 2 at international level.

For more information about umpiring, courses or mentoring email the Umpire in Chief.